Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas decoration

Grade 3 project = angels from cup
They can enjoy painting inside the plastic cup :)

Grade 4 project : 
Finnish star: From creativity lens nothing relally special about it , just challenging their memorising skill and beaing neat.

Sitting BIRD!

Another grade 3 project.
Introducing them to 3d geometry.
I m amazed how they love to decorate their bird :) They can take things independently to places I ve  appointed. So proud of them.

Stencil or stamp

Grade 3 project, having fun by practicing and making alot of mess...

Fish from paper

It is always fun to play with papers n colors.

Kids in gr 3 learned to:
1. measure with rulers
2. cut neatly
3. combine the colors by trade it with their friends
4. simple technic curling the paper using pencil

Decoration with Paper quiling

Drawing & coloring- wayang

Integrate with bahasa lesson - the legend of Roro Jongrang
full cast- Roro jongrang, Inang/ dayang, Bandung Bondowoso, Candi, Jin
Bandung Bondowoso

Inang / Dayang

Roro Jongrang

Roro Jongrang with blonde hair

Postcard, theme - I love Indonesia

Decorative entong with theme- our two seasons

I wasn't totally prepared with the kids rhythm of works, since I was new. Many of them got excited at first but when it comes to paint with brush they got upset since it wasnt as easy as

But the result are colorful! [ that's why i like children art]

Easter chick in egg

This is a spontaneous project for grade 2, whom I was  a substitute teacher for 3 months.
Got the idea from a book and as usual I had to improvised a bit to fit into the event.

I m so happy n touched, the whole class did it really well. They poured their own style n creativity. Student's part: shortcut in cutting the 'durian' head of the chick, make it as the pattern [ i made the pattern]
2. Must color it with gradient.
3. The rests are free =]

Teacher's part :
1. Putting hole with a needle like
2. Putting the pin ....[wat's the name...gosh]

Friday, March 30, 2012

paper quiling

Since I work as an Art & Craft teacher for elementary students now....I gotta catch up with some crafts thingy =D And it is fun. I find paper quiling is so attractive. It is so simple, making forms and 2D shapes from quiling your paper!
You don't necessary buy the tool, you can always use tooth pick.

Well, simple but u can make a pretty form already, with one toothpick

I cannot resist to combine, conjunct and....see... 3 papers

another variation u can make

Friday, March 2, 2012


I d like to submit this for IF but i was late again...sigh, i thought that it is still friday at west part of the world :P

Thursday, January 5, 2012


Speaking of engagement, for a peranakan chinese like me, it is like a wedding. As I can recall, though red is the norm of happy celebration, but the bride isn't supposed to wear the color yet. Coz it is an engagement, not a wedding yet!
Still the bride is the highlight :)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

scrap book

I d like to have one scrap book for sketching or anything. =] So ..i ve made one.. with any material I have at that moment.